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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Make the Move-In Easier

A Happy Gladstone Couple Moving InOne thing that genuinely sets a great Gladstone landlord apart from everything else is going the extra mile to make move-in as comfortable as possible for your tenant. For this reason, it is desirable to welcome your tenant to their new rental home and provide them with the essential information they’ll need to accomplish an impeccable transition. By providing move-in tips for your tenants, you can begin establishing positive relations and deep communication from the beginning and prove that you think about your tenant’s comfort and well-being. When a tenant sees that their landlord truly worries about them, they are much more determined to put in more effort into keeping their rental home clean and in good condition. It’s a win-win!

Send a Welcome Letter

When tenants move into a new rental home, there are multiple things that they need to know to settle in quickly. But sometimes, in the midst of the rush and excitement of the move, little things can be neglected. That’s why it is a wise choice to create a welcome letter for your tenant with the important information they will need.

To be specific, many tenants need to set up utilities in their name when they move into a new rental home. This is information that could require of them some effort and difficulty to find out alone. Ideally, include a list of the local utility providers and their contact information in your welcome letter. You can also mention which day garbage pick-up falls on and any other relevant details. Presenting this information to your tenant is a little action that they will sincerely appreciate.

Incorporating a move-in checklist is also critical where the tenant can document the property’s current condition. This is helpful to refer to at the end of the lease when you’re scheduling the home for the next tenant, and it will make your tenants feel safe that their deposit won’t be charged for damage that they didn’t cause.

It’s In the Mail

Another important thing a tenant will need to know is how to get a mailbox key, if one is not offered to them, and where the mailbox is located. Even though some properties have mailboxes positioned in the yard, others may have locked mailboxes located across the road or even away from the rental property itself. To avoid neglecting this useful data, go ahead and put it in your welcome letter so that your tenant won’t need to spend time tracking down information about the mail delivery service at their new address. Even better, consider listing the site for the US Postal Service’s address change tool. Even though your tenant will most likely acquire this data themselves, why not demonstrate to them that you are thinking about their needs even before they ask?

Getting In Touch

After all, if your lease documents don’t already do so, remember to discuss thoroughly how your tenant can get in touch with you, what the expected response time is, and how they should pay rent and report maintenance issues. Even though you mention these instructions in your lease, it is necessary to copy them into your welcome letter as well. Lease documents can be nerve-wracking for some tenants since they are not aware of where to look or how to read them. Actually, it is better to have information tenants usually need in more than one place for quick reference. Tenants are far more likely to comply with your communication preferences and pay their rent on time when they know what to do and entirely comprehend the expectations.

Since move-in day can be chaotic, it is best to forward your welcome letter and information at least a week before that day arrives. In that way, your tenant will have more opportunities to read the information and get prepared in their new rental home more quickly.

Good tenant relations are a major part of effective property management. But it can also be a time-consuming task, taking time away from other activities. Why not let the Gladstone property management professionals do it for you? At Real Property Management Principles, we make tenant relations a top priority. To learn more about this and the other great services we offer, contact us online today!

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